The Basics

Project:Purse and Boots
A tour of an outrageously tacky purse to inspire women to take a night for themselves as way to raise money for The American Stroke Association. Each stop The Purse makes earns money by way of pledges.

How it Works:
Sign up for a Purse Party and invite your best friends to a Women’s Night out. Take pictures. Send them to me. Mail the purse to its next destination.

Or be a Donor!
The raising of the funds comes from businesses who are happy to support a bunch of women raising awareness for stroke preventions and raising money for the ASA.

Dress Up:
Get out your highest heels. Don’t like heels? Grab a feather boa. Don your loudest jewelry and your blingiest bling. The Purse sets the bar on trashy pretty high. DON’T GET OUTDONE BY A HANDBAG!

Make Noise:
Blog and tweet  your Purse Party. You have to Out-Loud the Purse!

Scroll down to read the Project: Purse and Boots Blog!

3 Comments to “The Basics”

  1. This is a great idea! Put me down for a stop in DC!


  2. i think this is a great thing @iamthepeachy1 told me about this and i wanna help to let me know how please

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