Pursey Galore and the Bid for Freedom

My dear friend and co-worker Cindy, who is not a blogger, signed up for the purse as soon as she heard about the project.

After a hostage situation in customs, Pursey Galore ended up trapped in an envelope in Utah for an ENTIRE WEEK. When she finally made her way to Cindy, she felt she had time to make up for. Cindy was pretty sure that if PG had a voice, this was what she’d say.

I can’t stand it one more minute! Thought the broad in the stripes.

I’m going crazy in here!!

She paced. Counting off the space in footsteps. One, two… turn around. One, two…

She was loosing her sequined mind.

Freedom was close, she could sense it. Only a few more hours…

She shifted this way and that, desperate for the doors to open, for the light to pour in.

She cocked an ear and listened. She could hear excited muffled voices. Was this it?? FINALLY?

And then, like the parting of the Red Sea, like the opening of the Gulag, freedom.

She burst from her confinement in an explosion of sparkly brilliance. Free! FREE FREE FREE!!!

She turned to her blond benefactress and draped herself over the woman’s shoulder. “You and me?” she said, “We’re gonna have a good time!”

The first stop was the steak-house. A couple glasses of wine, a thick juicy porterhouse…life was looking up. While there, she spied one of the girls from the Big House. She’d cleaned up well, though. She looked polished, sophisticated. Almost like she was trying to forget where she came from.

What a faker, thought the newly freed striped senorita.

Next she coaxed her patroness to party after party. It was the holiday season and the lights and the cocktails…well, they were pretty intoxicating. Literally.

And then finally, the champagne was flowing, the music was loud, the people were merry, and things…things…well, things got out of hand.

There were loud voices and flash-bulbs. Some sort of altercation with a wooden cowboy and then there might have been obscenities hurled at a policeman.

And before she knew it, she was back…back in the dark, confined space.

Nooooooo!!! She cried to the universe. Not again!!!!

She took a deep breath. It’s okay, she said. I’ve done this plenty of times. I can do it again.

Cause no one can keep a sequined girl down for long.



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