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April 28, 2011

A Girl’s Gotta Do what a Girl’s Gotta Do.

YES, I faked a skiing injury so I could meet a a handsome doctor. WHAT OF IT???

April 7, 2011


That is the number of Twitter impressions a group of frenzied and dedicated women created on Wednesday night during the First Annual Ever PPNB Tweet-A-Thon.

We raised over $600 in ONE HOUR.

Here are a few samples…

And Jenny McCarthy, bless her beautiful blond self, re-tweeted us.

I couldn’t count the Re-Tweets. They were zooming through my feed at a million miles an hour.

This one cracked me up. Also, I got to meet Poppy IN PERSON. It was a whirlwind romantic meet-up in an airport security line. All the best torrid affairs start this way.

The suggestions got a little, well, suggestive. People were offering up my lingerie secrets.

This lovely lady was one of the reasons the project came to me. I was with her (metaphorically) when this happened and my heart broke for her.

This one made me sing. “You give me Fever…”

I’ll be frank. There are times when I’m writing letters, or juggling Pursey Galore’s schedule, or trying to tweet updates and…and…it’s a lot. And it’s very tiring.

And then one hour surrounded by the amazing power of my friends who all believe in this cause and I’m am recharged and ready to bang on MORE doors and ask for MORE money.

Because you are all just that damned amazing.