About P:P&B

Hey there!

My name is Lori. I’m a speech pathologist. And a mom. And a blogger. I write In Pursuit of Martha Points, which is a humor blog about trying to keep my home and kids from drowning in cat hair while I earn a living. I came up with a silly idea and it turned into a Blogging FundRaiser.

How on earth did it happen? You ask. Lemme tell ya’.

It started out as a funny exchange on Twitter. My friends Liz, Kristen, Nathalie, Poppy and Gigi were trying to out-do each other with tacky and outrageous clothing. I tweeted a picture of the purse featured on the home page and said, “I win. And to make it even better, it was a gift from my mother.”

Gigi tweeted back, “I love your mother!”

Then she asked, “Is that your BlogHer purse?”

And I cracked up at the idea of dragging that purse around at a conference. I think I made a joke back about not being able to keep such splendor to myself and perhaps the purse should go on tour.

Which seemed like an awfully funny idea. Women never do as much for themselves as they should. How great to send The Purse to an online friend with instructions that they are to take the purse and go have some damned fun. Because although we should never need a reason to take care of ourselves, we seldom actually make that a priority. And I loved the idea of giving women I care about – even if I have never met them – a reason to mark the calendar for a play-date.

But then I thought about what Gigi said. About how she loved my mother. Well, so do I. And I worry about her.

Because stroke runs in my family. It almost took my grandmother in her 60’s, and then finally stole her away in her 90’s. You can read about her on Penny’s Page. My dad had a small stroke when he was only 49, and it was the final crack in the dam that took him from us.

And then the bigger idea came. What if I could get a handful of business to make a pledge? A small amount of money for each stop The Purse makes? A contribution to The American Stroke Association in celebration of caregivers taking time to take care of themselves?

That felt like it captured much of what the blogging community is about.

We are all caregivers – be we moms, dads, husbands, wives,  partners, daughters or sons. And what I want more than anything is to reduce the risk that any one of you has to be caregiver for your parents because cerebrovascular disease strikes them. And if you have lived through the tragedy that is a stroke – yourself or someone you deeply love – I think you, like me, would do much to keep anyone, anyone, from living through it. My dear blogging friend Nichole lost her own mother-in-law to stroke this summer, and I would have spared her family that, if I could have.

So I took a trashy, tacky, outrageously ridiculous joke gift my mother gave me, and I am trying to turn it into something far more than I ever dreamed it could be.

That’s how Project:Purse and Boots was born.

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