Be A Donor

As much fun and frivolity as the Purse Parties are, they are the more modest part of the fundraising effort. The purpose of the Parties is – more than anything – to encourage people to take a break and play.

The real contributions come from major donors. People and businesses like you.

The goal of Project:Purse and Boots is forty-five nights of fun over the course of a year. And for each of those nights, I am asking you to pledge.

If you pledge ten dollars for every night a caregiver – be they a mom, a dad, a son or a daughter – finds laughter and friendship with a tacky purse next to them, that’s a donation of $450 for the American Stroke Association.

Maybe your business is modestly sized, and a smaller donation works better for you.  Maybe your business is large and you’re feeling like your pockets are deep for good causes. No pledge or donation is turned away.

You can make your cash donation one of two ways:

  1. As a pledge, with an amount per party to be collected (via making your donation directly to the ASA link) at the end of the Project in August 2011.
  2. As a flat donation (may I suggest $500 as a nice round number?) that is made immediately. I mean really, who wants to wait till next August, right?

The benefit of donating: The answer you already know is the good that is done to our overall  health by these agencies. Prevention of stroke (and heart disease) helps you and those you love most in the world. But the added benefit is exposure through the blogging community. Traffic to this blog through multiple sources (many other blogs, media outlets discussing the project, other donors) allows your generous donation to be appreciated by a large group of people.

All donations made to the ASA Link on the sidebar are receipted by the American Stroke and Heart Association for tax deduction purposes.

If you cannot make a cash donation then perhaps you have a product that would make a fun giveaway? Project: Purse and Boots hosts giveaways to reward readers for supporting our donors, and does drawings for appreciation gifts for the people putting their time and resources into Parties and fundraisers.  Although PPNB has no way to offer a receipt for tax deduction of donated goods, any product given as a giveaway has the potential to be discussed on no less than three different blogs, which is lots of great exposure.

So much good can be done in the world by lots of modest contributions coming together in one place. Project: Purse and Boots is one of those places, and I am honored to be part of something so special. Thank you for reading, thank you for donating, thank you for helping save the life of someone you will probably never meet.

One Comment to “Be A Donor”

  1. Hi! My name is Danielle and I was referred to you by Gigi Ross. I am a jewelry designer in Austin, TX and am interested in donating a pair of earrings for your October Giveaway. Let me know how I can help!

    Thanks and have a beautiful day!

    Danielle Holschuh

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