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April 7, 2011


That is the number of Twitter impressions a group of frenzied and dedicated women created on Wednesday night during the First Annual Ever PPNB Tweet-A-Thon.

We raised over $600 in ONE HOUR.

Here are a few samples…

And Jenny McCarthy, bless her beautiful blond self, re-tweeted us.

I couldn’t count the Re-Tweets. They were zooming through my feed at a million miles an hour.

This one cracked me up. Also, I got to meet Poppy IN PERSON. It was a whirlwind romantic meet-up in an airport security line. All the best torrid affairs start this way.

The suggestions got a little, well, suggestive. People were offering up my lingerie secrets.

This lovely lady was one of the reasons the project came to me. I was with her (metaphorically) when this happened and my heart broke for her.

This one made me sing. “You give me Fever…”

I’ll be frank. There are times when I’m writing letters, or juggling Pursey Galore’s schedule, or trying to tweet updates and…and…it’s a lot. And it’s very tiring.

And then one hour surrounded by the amazing power of my friends who all believe in this cause and I’m am recharged and ready to bang on MORE doors and ask for MORE money.

Because you are all just that damned amazing.

August 18, 2010

And the winner is… And the Announcement

Things tightened up at the end…it was neck and neck but, Pursey Galore is the new name of the haughty handbag.

Mostly I’m excited by all the James Bond jokes that can now be made.

Thank you kindly Alexandra at Good Day Regular People for your (one of a kazillion) admission!

And for those of you concerned that not picking Bag Lady Gaga has dissolved any chance of the Grande Dame of Shockpop hopping on board the Tacky Express, well…I think our chances were slim, regardless.

And now for the announcement.

If I had to point to inspirations for this project, it would be reading so much about Her Bad Mother’s Tutu’s for Tanner movement, and by the Red Dress project that The Bloggess launched a few months back. Watching women moved so deeply by things important to them resonated in deep ways. I’ve let both women know that they lit a spark that I hope will fan some nice flames on behalf of stroke prevention.

Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess wrote back.

So I am excited and thrilled to announce that Pursey Galore will wrap her year of fun, frivolity and fundraising by meeting up with The Red Dress at BlogHer11.

If you can imagine me doing cartwheels and NOT falling down, that’d be spiffy cause in my head I am doing cartwheels. (Although in my head, yes, I am falling down.)

And…I think our count is now twenty-three Purse Parties and some awesomelicious additional ideas for support, promotion and raising of the funds.

We are a damned bloody awesome community and I am so very  honored and proud to be part of it.

August 17, 2010

What’s in a name?

First, some great news: We are already at the half-way point for Purse Parties! Twenty-two parties!

I can’t tell you how proud I am to be part of such a community with amazingly bad taste in accessories.

Very special and heartfelt thanks to Molly at Life With the Campbells for telling her husband’s story here. A very difficult story to share, but I am very honored that she chose to tell it here.

So the Purse will be hanging out in San Francisco with me this weekend, meeting Nicole at In These Small Moments, Eileen at Bringing Up Bronwyn, Jessica at Bern This, the SITS Girls, and fingers crossed for Rachel at Mommy Needs a Vacation before being popped into a bubble mailer and sent to Poppy over at Funny or Snot.

The Purse is going to spend the year having way more fun than me.

My life? Work. Cleaning. Cooking. Work. Vacuuming cat hair. Work.

The Purse’s life? Travel. Party. Travel. Party. Travel. Party.

The Purse is the handbag equivalent of Paris Hilton.

According to an unsurprisingly vocal contingent of Hostesses, the Purse needs a name. Apparently just calling it “The Purse” does not communicate the necessary je ne sais what. After hearing lots of suggestions, I’ve narrowed it down to two finalists. And now, you need to vote.

So what’s it gonna be?

August 11, 2010

Day One.

I’m just going to say it’s rude of you all to make me cry.

Really. Rude and tacky.

I need waterproof mascara.

After one day of Project:Purse and Boots I have fourteen people commit to hosting The Purse.

The goal is 45 Purse Parties. In one day we are 25% of the way there.

And I have an offer for a guest post about a loved one surviving stroke.

And people who can’t host parties offering to help.

My goal is to organize the first three to four months of parties so I can do some heavy soliciting.

Of donations, people. Donations!

Just cause I own trampy accessories doesn’t mean I am not totally legit.

Although, my mom did give me the purse for work…

Anyway! Minds out of the gutter! Toute suite!

If you indicated that you’re keen on dressing inappropriately Hosting the Purse, you’ll be getting an email from me in the next 1-2 days with details to help me coordinate the first round.

Tune in Thursday for “The Purse: The Early Weeks.” The touching and heartfelt story of how a cheap piece of polyester got together with sequins straight from the mines of Tennessee.