Party On, Party People!

These are the lovely ladies who have gotten tacky for a good cause. Each Purse Party hostess will be listed here and the most recent hostess will get a little time at the top!


Kristin: AuthorPeace, Love and Muesli


FacebookPeace, Love and Muesli

Email– peaceloveandmuesli[at]gmail[dot]com

Pursey got to take her first trip to Canada to see Kristin who hosted an over the top and totally awesome pot luck dinner party.  No Kids Allowed!  Pursey ate, drank, got silly with the guests and even helped serve the drool-inspiring food.  For details read How To Raise Money And Have Fun At The Same Time. For Lori’s version of the story go to Pursey Galore and the Retail Cat Fight.





MeganAuthor– Best of Fates

Twitter– @bestoffates

Facebook– Best of Fates

Email– megan[at]bestoffates[dot]com

Megan has been quite the purse hog and has now had the bag not one but two times! First, she took the purse with her to Bloggy Boot Camp in Philadelphia.  You can find Megan’s story of her excursion with the purse here: Pursey Galore Loves the Night Life and to read the Lori-esque fictionalized story, see Pursey Galore and the Philadelphia Spy.  Since they have been together again, Megan has taken Pursey more places than can be listed here, so to read some of the stories of their adventures read: My Purse Brings All The Boys To The Yard and work your way forward from there.  You won’t regret it!  Also, check out Lori’s version: Pursey Galore and the Retail Cat Fight



Alexandra: Author of Good Day, Regular People


FacebookGood Day, Regular People

Email– gooddayregularpeople[at]gmail[dot]com

The Empress (as she has so appropriately deemed herself) had quite a hard time keeping Pursey under control during her stay with the Empire.  The hormonal purse kinda sorta went and got herself knocked up by the tall, dark and leathery laptop bag that belongs to the Emperor.   We are assuming that he is taking care of his fatherly duties and appropriately looking after “Purseylette” while her mother fulfills her duties with Project Purse and Boots.  Alexandra, a storytelling genius gives us the whole scoop of how Pursey fell in love on Pursey Galore, or Love With a Proper Stranger.  It’s a letter to “Mama Lori” which she has officially answered here: Pursey Galore and the Delicate Condition.





Gigi:  Author of Kludgy Mom


FacebookKludgy Mom

Email– kludgymom[at]gmail[dot]com

With Gigi, Pursey went to her third Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin, TX.  She had tons of fun meeting some new people and also getting to see some bloggers she met at the first and second trips to BBC.  Gigi’s post was a priceless poem set to that Alan Sherman classic, “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.” Lori’s answer to her fantastic jingle can be found here- An Ode to Gigi




Pualani Smith: AuthorDino Momma


Email– pua[at]dinomomma[dot]com

Pua and her family took the purse to a pumpkin patch in Virginia.  Not only did Pua don the purse, but everybody in her family got a moment in the sequined spotlight in Pumpkin Patchin’ with Pursey.  For a more “dramatic” look at the event, check out Lori’s version, Pursey Galore on the Runway.



Katie Sluiter: AuthorSluiter Nation, Katie’s Bookcase, Exploded Moments

Twitter@ksluiter, @explodedmoments

FacebookSluiter Nation

Email– sluiternation[at]gmail[dot]com

Katie took the purse for an excursion with her family around downtown Zeeland.  To read her story go here:  Just a Small Town Girl For Lori’s version see Pursey Galore and the Royal Encounter




Kristin: AuthorTaming Insanity


FacebookTaming Insanity

Email– taminginsanity[at]ymail[dot]com

Kristin took the purse with her to a Bachelorette party for her sister in Chicago. You can read about their adventures here: In Which We Act Like Spinal Tap for the American Stroke Association and  Nice Day For a White Wedding.  You can also read Lori’s version here: Pursey Galore and the VIP Treatment




Liz: Authora belle, a bean & a chicago dog


Facebooka belle, a bean & a chicago dog

Email– bellebeandog[at]gmail[dot]com

Liz and her daughter Kate took the purse to the Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis for lunch and to see Disney On Ice: Let’s Celebrate.   The trio also got some press for it in the local newspaper!   You can find Liz’s tellings of her time with the purse in these two places:  The Princess, The Purse and The Paper and KATE WAS FEATURED IN THE NEWSPAPER!!! To see Lori’s fictionalized version, read Pursey Galore has left the building


Natalie:  AuthorMommy of a Monster (I Mean Toddler) and Infant Twins


FacebookMommy of a Monster (I Mean Toddler) and Infant Twins

Email– natalieblogs[at]hotmail[dot]com

Natalie had every intention of taking Pursey to Palm Springs or Vegas, but both sets of plans fell through.  Even so, in true Natalie fashion, she put on her game face and showed the purse a fantastic time anyway.  Pursey got to experience the glitz and glamor of a life with twin girls and a toddler boy.  What could be more exciting than that?  Read Natalie’s story here: Pursey Galore’s Un-Adventurous Weekend and for Lori’s version check out Pursey Galore and The Riviera Fantasy







Sharyn took the purse to it’s first sporting event, an Oakland A’s v. Los Angeles Angels weekend event over Labor Day.  Lori tells the story of what very well could have happened in Pursey Galore and the Deep Fly Ball







Poppy: AuthorFunny or Snot


Email– funnyorsnot[at]gmail[dot]com

Poppy and a few of her friends took the purse for a night on the town full of bar hopping, money raising and double entendre.  Sidenote- From what can be gathered, the morning-after activities included chickens.  Whatever happened it was newsworthy because Poppy, Pursey and their entourage ended up being featured in the Vancouver Voice.  Read Poppy’s post on the event here: That Pursey Galore is Such a Tease.  For Lori’s “made for TV version” of the shenanigans in Vancouver check out Poppy and the Paparazzi


7 Comments to “Party On, Party People!”

  1. Damn.

    Poppy always looks hotter than me and Kate is always cuter. I can’t win.

    • I’m pretty sure Poppy has set the bar too high for any of us to touch her, but whatever. You’re gorgeous!

      And Kate is pretty untouchable, too ;) I agree with that one.

  2. The more I look at this the less tacky the purse seems…intervention time?

  3. Ok, I took Pursey to a BARBER SHOP! There is nothing cute or bar-setting about that! You guys will be super great!! ps…cute? You must be look at Pursey…or my cute little son, Eddie!

  4. Thank you, Lori, for coming up with such a fun way to raise money for the AHA and for doing it with such a collective good feeling.

    This was genious, everyone is having fun doing it, and bloggers are getting to know each other over it.

    You are brilliant.

    And, Roxane;honey, how can you be only 27 and so dang smart?

    This page is wonderful. You really are a sweetheart. I don’t think I thought of helping anyone at that age. So dang mature.

  5. Awesome! I feel so honored :)

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