What MORE can I do?

You are a lovely thing for asking!

The biggest thing you can do is host the Purse and take a night to relax, play and celebrate a life well-lived.

But yes, there are a few other things you can do.

Find a corporate sponsor.
This one is actually a big help. Do you or your partner work for an employer that could make a pledge? Please ask! Do you have community connections with an organization that likes to support causes? Please ask! I will provide all details, including a copy of our letter of commitment from the American Heart and Stroke Association and the information on donations.

Be a promoter.
The more people involved in the project, the more fun it will be. Blog about it, tweet about it, write a guest post for the Project:Purse and Boots
blog. If you know how to write a press release, I’ll take it. If you belong to a blogging group or networking community, talk about it!

Be a media guru.
I can handle a simple WordPress blog, but some of the finer details are a bit much for me. If you are handy with the Webz or great with graphics, throw your skills into the ring. I’d love it!

Promotional Items
I would love to host give-aways, or give thank you gifts to the people who Host the purse. If you are a crafty person or have access to promotional materials that are a good fit for the project, email me and let me know.

Lori, I just need to do more!
You are amazing! If you, your family, or any friends would like to be “Coin-Purse Sponsors,” where you pledge a dollar or two per Purse Party, that is incredible! Or if you want to jump straight to a donation, click here to go directly to the AHA donations page.

4 Responses to “What MORE can I do?”

  1. Lori, I am just not able to have a purse party; my old lady friends wouldn’t bite. However, I want to support you. I am a good writer, and I am very thankful for my wonderful husband, who survived a major stroke. Can I help in some other way? Surely I can make some sort of donation…molly

    • Don’t fret, sweet lady! If you’d like to donate directly, the link is here: http://honor.americanheart.org/goto/purseandboots If you’d like to be a “Coin Purse Donor,” and donate a dollar per purse party that would be lovely. (nothing due till the project wraps up a year from now). Or you could make a donation directly to the website now using that link. What would be a huge help is helping me promote the project, tweeting it, blogging about it, maybe encouraging a friend (more fit to the purse, perhaps? ;) to be a Purse Hostess. And I what I would love most of all is if you would write a guest post for the blog about Accordian Man’s story. Because you write very lovely words and I would love to share his story with the world. There’s lots to be done, and many hands make light work. Even if being a Purse Hostess doesn’t fit!


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